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Platform Introduction

MeetConf solves all-round problems for participants
A large amount of high-quality academic conference recommendations

A large amount of high-quality academic conference recommendations

  • Close cooperation with many universities, associations and societies at home and abroad, has rich resources for academic conferences;
  • Strict audit mechanism, Sponsors need to upload relevant qualifications and information, and the platform will be audited before online to ensure the conference is authentic and reliable;
  • Strictly controlled conference and selected the sponsors, and check the past compendex records to ensure stable compendex of papers.

One-stop registration for participation and contribution

  • Only takes 30 seconds to regist, then you can sign up at any time and get the conference notice in real time;
  • One-click submission on the website, with paper review, acceptance, publication and compendex state at a glance;
  • Acceptance materials, certificates, conference information and invoice are directly downloaded online.
One-stop registration for participation and contribution
Massive academic resource sharing

Massive academic resource sharing

  • Conf headlines, Sharing research information and academic knowledge, all latest academic resources can be found;
  • Conference videos, Free viewing of global academic conference videos, understand the latest knowledge in the profession;
  • Conf tool, a smarter essay checking tool to help you improve your acceptance rate.
MeetConf provide one-stop solutions for sponsors
  • Conference Release

    The meeting issued
  • Conference Promotion

    The meeting promote
  • Conference Management

    The meeting promote
  • Conference Release

    Automatically create Chinese and English wechat, H5 wechat and applet, open international call for papers immediately

  • Manuscript Management

    A manuscript submission and review system developed specifically for academic conferences, with online operation for the entire process of call for paper, review, feedback and publication

  • Program notification

    The status of conferences and papers can be notified in real time without manual sending one by one, and there is no missed information notification

  • Sign-in system

    Electronic fast sign-in, multi-mode flexible choice, easy to manage the conference site

  • Document management

    Paper templates, acceptance materials, conference certificates sent to designated members with one click, fast and efficient

  • Conference promotion

    Top 15 media reach global users directly, helping global exposure of conference

  • Live recording

    Support live webcasting, synchronous recording, video on demand to meet the needs of multiform conference

  • Guest management

    Member, guest and reviewer information can be modified and called at any time to form an exclusive database for sponsors

  • Financial management

    Multiple payment mode at home and abroad, automatic accounting of publication fee, each payment is paid directly to the account, and can be at ease about receiving payments

  • Data management

    Details real-time searchable, multidimensional data analysis report to comprehensively evaluate the effect of the conference, and accumulate experience for the next conference

Company Profile



Hubei Zhongke Natural Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. (formally known as Hubei Zhongke Geology and Environmental Technology Service Center) was initiated by a number of experts and scholar from Wuhan university, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University of Technology. It was established in September, 2004 focusing on providing science and research service

As a leading integrated academy service provider, Zhongke Nature contributes to become the “academic exchange connector". Applying internet, big data, AI and other technologies, we provide academic conference service, academic paper service and academic exchange service for researchers, we also deeply solve the difficulty in academic communication and give new momentum to scientific research and academic development.

Since its inception, Zhongke Nature has integrated thousands of expert resources at home and abroad in various fields and reached friendly cooperation with many universities, science research institutes and government. Nearly 100 large and medium-sized International academic conferences successfully hosted to provide professional academic service for more than 15000 people.

  • MeetConfAcademic exchange platform

    Established in April 2021, MeetConf is a global academic exchange service platform combining many years of experience and resources, aiming to connect academic institutions and academic population. Regarding international academic conference as a main core, MeetConf want to create a top-ranking academic exchange circle through providing one-stop academic conference and multiple academic exchange channel.

  • EaseedtingAcademic paper platform

    Established in 2018, member of the Council of Scientific Editors (CSE) and the European Association of Science Editors (EASE), Easeedting was absorbed in providing professional SCI, EI, SSCI academic paper services and scientific technology information services for researchers from non-English speaking countries, helping over 30,000 researchers to publish their achievements of scientific research on internationally renowned journals, with a positive feedback rate of 98.6%.

  • Easyace AcademyAcademic conference platform

    Established in 2018, Easyace Academy was co-founded by universities, institutions, and enterprises at home and abroad. It has a team of senior experts in 1200 fields and is committed to hosting international renowned academic conferences and paper services such as SCI and EI paper polishing, translating and publishing. Easyace Academy has earned a certain reputation in this field.



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