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  • Q1:Is there a charge for publishing conference information on the platform?

    A1:It is currently the promotion period for platform activities, and there is no charge for the conference release according to the release requirements.

  • Q2:Does the platform have any requirements for the theme of the conference?

    A2:At present, only the publication of academic conferences is accepted. The topics of the conference cover a wide range, involving science and engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics and management, etc. For details, please refer to the subject areas of the academic conference homepage on the official website.

  • Q3:What kind of conferences can be released on the platform?

    A3:The platform will review the meeting from several dimensions:

    Organizer: The conference needs to have information on the organizer, such as universities, societies, institutions, etc.;

    Meeting information: meeting information, date, location, guests, neat editing of meeting information, clear classification;

    Index requirements: The index information is true, and the previous index records can be provided at previous sessions.

  • Q4:How long is the conference information review cycle?

    A4:The platform review cycle is about 1-3 working days. If you need an expedited review, you can add a customer service WeChat note to facilitate the platform to quickly verify the information review.

  • Q5:The meeting has been submitted and is under review. Can I modify the meeting information?

    A5:For temporary storage of meeting information, you can click Save to complete the meeting information. After confirmation, submit it for review. During the review process, the information cannot be modified temporarily. Modifications will be made after reviewing the results.

  • Q6:Do I need to delete and re-upload meeting information that fails to be reviewed?

    A6:No, it can be resubmitted after modification according to the review comments.

  • Q7:How to fill in the meeting address from abroad?

    A7:The overseas version is being optimized and will be launched in the near future. The address of the meeting can be written with the address of the organizer first.

  • Q8:How to upload conference materials such as paper templates and abstract templates?

    A8:Only one-stop conferences can upload conference materials such as paper templates. After the conference is approved, click Organizer Center - Conference Center - File Management to upload materials.

  • Q9:Why can't I click "Conference Registration" and "Paper Submission" after the conference is released?

    A9:The online registration or submission function needs to improve the sponsor information. After the sponsor information is approved, the one-stop conference can be released and the online registration or submission function can be activated.

  • Q10:How can I apply for a homepage recommendation for a published conference?

    A10: At present, the homepage recommendation only past one-stop conferences with stable index, confirmed publications, and clear organizer information. The platform will make recommendations based on multi-dimensional scoring.

  • Q1:After registering and logging in with the mobile phone number and verification code, how can I log in with the mobile phone number and password the next time I log in?

    A1:The first time you register and log in to the platform, after entering your mobile phone number and verification code, the system will automatically create a new account. When you log in to the platform again, there are two login methods: mobile phone number + verification code or mobile phone number + password. You can directly enter the same mobile phone number and click "Get Verification Code" to log in to view the participation or submission order. Or you can set a new password in the Account Management-Basic Settings-Password menu, so that you can log in directly with your phone number + password next time.

  • Q2:What are the ways to participate? What materials should I submit?

    A2:You can refer to the table below to choose your type of participation based on the requirements of "paper publication" and "presentation type".

  • Q3: Is it difficult to publish EI indexed conference papers?

    A3:After meeting the following three requirements, the chances of being accepted by EI conference papers will be greatly increased. First of all, the submitted papers must conform to the theme of the call for papers; secondly, the duplication rate should not be higher than 30%; finally, the English language should be authentic and fluent and the article is supported by figures and tables.

  • Q4:Before submission, do I have to formatting the paper according to the paper template?

    A4:You can typesetting the paper according to the template requirements before submitting the paper, or you can typesetting according to the requirements after receiving the acceptance notice from the organizing committee. The paper template can be found in the "Conference Materials" menu bar.

  • Q5:Does the language of the article have to be in English?

    A5:Because it is an international conference, the language of the papers submitted for publication must be in English.

  • Q6:How can I check the processing status of an article?

    A6:After you submit your manuscript through the online submission system of the MeetConf platform, you can check the review status of the manuscript anytime and anywhere in the Personal Center - My Paper - I am a Contributor.

  • Q7:How long will it take for the article to be retrieved from the database after it is accepted?

    A7:Generally, it takes 2-3 months for papers to be online on the publishers ’website after the conference date takes 3-5 months to be indexed in the database.

  • Q8:I only attend the conference to make a presentation with no paper publication. What do I need to submit?

    A8:You need to submit an abstract and an oral presentation PPT or post presentation picture.

  • Q9:Will the organizing committee provide certificates? How to get it?

    A9:If you make a presentation, the organizing committee will issue you a Presentation Certificate after the meeting; if you only participate in the meeting, you will be issued a Participation Certificate after the meeting. You can download it in Personal Center - Ticket Certificate.

  • Q10:How to get a receipt after registration?

    A10:Kindly input the paper ID when making the payment. You will receive an official confirmation email and an e-copy of official receipt within 7 days after receipt of the required fees.