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Product advantage

One-stop management, whole process service

Chinese and English micro -network creation

You can complete the creation of the conference website by typing

Without any technical and personnel input, you can enter the meeting information according to the prompts, and you can create a meeting micro-site, H5 micro-site, and WeChat applet with one click to escort your meeting.

  • Support the creation of bilingual websites in both Chinese and English to help effectively acquire international customers and improve international influence
  • Customize the submission form for participating in the conference, collect user information in one stop, and do not need to collect registration forms separately
  • Leading editing system, free modification in the background, second-level updates in the front-end, and clearer conference presentation
  • One account can manage multiple meetings at the same time, and more meetings can be easily handled

Global Conference Promotion

Call for papers turned out to be so easy

AI accurately targets target customers, supports 15 major media traffic, reaches global users through multiple channels, helps to achieve more traffic exposure, and is no longer troubled by solicitation

  • A large number of scientific research workers resources to help accurately invite international customers and expand the scope of the call for papers
  • 15 major domestic and foreign media promotion matrices such as Google, Facebook, Xiaomuchong, etc., to help the global exposure of the conference
  • 100 free text messages, 100 email notifications, on-site notifications, targeted push conferences, to increase your participation rate
  • No need to design, automatically generate exclusive conference posters, and you can share and spread with one click of the mouse

Intelligent submission and review system

The submit and review system specially developed for academic conferences

The original submission and review system completely bid farewell to the traditional WORD and email review mode. The entire process from submission to publication can be completed online, and the amount of submissions can be easily done.

  • Add reviewers independently, and call the shared reviewer library, and the collected papers are automatically assigned to the corresponding reviewers
  • You can directly review the manuscript online and feedback the review comments form with one click, without the need to download the paper repeatedly, speeding up the review speed
  • The three-party linkage and synchronization of the paper status allows the sponsor, reviewers, and contributing authors to know it without repeated communication

One -stop meeting management

One person can easily manage multiple meetings

Hand over tedious and repetitive work to the machine, reduce time cost and labor consumption by 90%, help you calmly deal with complex meeting agendas, and effectively reduce meeting investment.

  • No need to manually notify one by one, just check the recipients, and the meeting information can be sent to the corresponding participants with one click
  • The information of members, guests and reviewers can be modified and called at any time to form the organizer's exclusive database
  • Sweep code sign-in, H5 sign-in, background sign-in, a variety of ways to freely combine, the entry sign-in is completed quickly

International Financial Management System

Global collection is safe

The convenient and secure financial management system adopts a nationally certified third-party payment platform to ensure the security of user account information and funds, and to ensure that the financial status is clear and verifiable.

  • Support mainstream payment methods such as paypal, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, etc., payment without borders, to solve your worries
  • The organizer can freely set the registration fee standard, and the system automatically calculates the number of pages and the page fee of the paper
  • Enable the organizer to collect online payment, each registration fee will be directly credited to the account, without occupying the conference liquidity
  • Self-service invoicing system, you can freely set up invoicing information, and automatically generate invoices without repeated communication

Conference Online Design

Even if you can't design, you can design

Not a designer can design A large number of meeting design templates, only need to enter the meeting information, and quickly complete the design of tickets, meal coupons, participation certificates, invitation letters, and report certificates in one minut

  • 5 major meeting templates, massive style typesetting, help you easily do a good job
  • The information can be freely edited and combined, and the exclusive conference screen can be automatically generated
  • Design drawings can be sent to designated members with one click, making the operation more convenient

Data Analyze System

Master the effectiveness of meetings

He effect of the meeting is at your fingertips More powerful data statistics and analysis capabilities, multi-dimensional data such as registration, payment, check-in, etc., help to comprehensively analyze the effect of the meeting, and truly know the situ

  • You can monitor registration, submission, payment, check-in and other data at any time to understand the operation of the conference
  • Various statistical reports are automatically generated and can be downloaded and viewed at any time. One-click access to meeting feedback
  • Graphic presentation, clearer and more intuitive meeting information, clear at a glance

product service

we can meet all your needs


  • Meeting creation

    Chinese and English microsites, creation of H5 microsites, creation of WeChat mini-programs.

  • Member management

    custom registration form, member information collection, registration information form

  • Meeting management

    real-time agenda notification, hotel reservation, meal voucher management

  • Conference promotion

    SMS notification, email invitation, one-click poster sharing, website push

  • Intelligent contribute

    Online manuscript solicitation, shared reviewer library, manuscript identification and classification, double-blind peer review, intelligent reviewer assignment, cloud review, real-time status reminder, paper template sending, paper review

  • Customized templates

    ticket template, meal coupon template, participation certificate template, invitation letter template, report certificate template

Meeting Medium

  • On-site check-in

    scan code check-in, H5 check-in, background manual check-in, background cancellation

  • Meal coupon write-off

    scan code write-off, background write-off

  • Meeting guide

    meeting schedule, meeting notice, speaker information, meeting location, hotel guide, meeting secretary

  • Conference live recording

    webcast, simultaneous recording, video-on-demand, live sharing

After the meeting

  • Data statistics

    registration data, payment data, check-in data, ticket data, meal coupon data, hotel data

  • Financial management

    automatic cost accounting, online payment, running water details, self-service billing, D+1 real-time cash withdrawal

  • Guest management

    guest library, reviewer library

  • Data download

    paper template, report certificate, conference photos

  • Satisfaction survey

    Questionnaire setting and collection

Business cooperation

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