Victor Novikov

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    Lab of Pulsed Power Systems in Geophysics, Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of

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Dr. Victor Novikov is a head of Laboratory of Pulsed Power Systems for Geophysics of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of Russian Academy of Sciences. His research interests are R&D of pulsed power systems and their application for geology and geophysics, seismicity triggered by high-power electric pulses, development of physical backgrounds of earthquake control technology and earthquake short-term prediction based on electromagnetic earthquake triggering phenomena. He served as a keynote and invited speaker at the national and international conferences, symposia, and workshops. He is a member of many international geophysical organizations (AGU, EGU, SSA, JpGU). Author and co-author of over 90 publications in the areas of power engineering and geophysics. Participant of the completed Russian-Chinese cooperation project "Coupling of geomagnetic field variations and deformation processes in the Earth crust" and Principal Co-Investigator of the current Russian-Chinese cooperation project "Space weather and earthquakes" (2021-2022) supported by RFBR and NSFC.